Garden Or No Garden

Haay, the frustrations of having to live in a condominium. I couldn't even have a small garden!  I've always wanted my own where I can grow beautiful flowers, some vegetables and some fruit-bearing trees.   I took the green thumb from mom whom I loved to watch tend our backyard garden while I was growing up.  I always volunteered to water the plants.  :)  My favorite are her orchids.  The Cattleyas didn't bloom very often but when they did, they attracted a lot of passers by.
Not having my own prevents me from having indoor planters. Garden or no garden I had  to have plants and flowers brighten up my home.  Next, I will have outdoor planters installed on the windows.  Did you know that sniffing flowers even just for a few seconds can change your mood instantly?
So don't let "No Space" stop you from decorating your home.  An indoor planter won't only add drama to your home but it will also set the mood.