Mellow Yellow Monday #86


Happy MYM everyone!


dothy said…
I miss eating siomai! Happy MYM :)
Eds said…
Nice entry and really delicious one.
Sally in WA said…
Super yellow dimsum! Have a wonderful week.
Chubskulit Rose said…
Di pa ako nakakain ng siomai ate Liza heehe.. Is it like siopao or something..

Spice Up Your Life with some yellows.
Kay L. Davies said…
A delectable edible yellow. Yum!
Nice photo.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel
gengen said…
Looks yummy! happy MYM!
Kranky Granny said…
Not a dish I recognize but it looks yummy.

Thanks for the visit to my dolls house. I do appreciate those that visit and comments are the icing on the cake.
☺lani☺ said…
Yummy!Happy week ahead!
Rimkogeren said…
Thanks for your comment :-)
Your photo looks delicious. What is it?
Is it Siomai?why is it yellow?
Dianne said…
the photo looks wonderful
I love your table setting, very elegant
Rajesh said…
That looks yummy.
Fun composition. Now I'm hungry! Thanks for dropping by my blog, ChiIL Mama.
Ika said…
Looks yummy :-) Happy MYM!
Lola said…
Hi again!

Lovely pic! LOvely blog too!

XOXO Lola:)
Life Moto said…
what a classic ceramics ware.

happy MyM
Lifemoto MYM

Of all the colors under the sun
Yellow is the mellowest one.
Its hues are varied, if truth be told—
Cream and amber, and even gold.
Saffron’s considered a yellow hue,
So are lemon and bisque—buff too!
One mustn’t forget the lion’s mane—
Tawny and blond like Penny Lane.
And when full moons glow golden at night
They cast on earth a xanthic light.
Of all the colors under the sun,
Yellow, my friend, is the most fun!

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Yellow Leaf
Juliana said…

Awesome pic and nice blog..
Tim said…
Looks yummy! Great blog...
Amanda said…

This is very lovely pictures! Lovely blog too!

XOXO Amanda:)