Photohunt - Itchy

Drop by tnchick's for more ITCHY photos.


Carver said…
That looks like it's very itchy. Happy weekend.
Susan Demeter said…
Oh dear! That does look very itchy!
Photo Cache said…
oh my that's not fun. where's the calamine lotion?

great take on the theme.
annie said…
Ouch, looks very itchy. I can't stand bug bites. happy weekend
jams o donnell said…
OOh now that looks like it is crying out to be scratched!
YTSL said…
Aiyaiyai... I feel the itch and pain when looking at that photo! :(
Randi said…
That looks really painful!
Perfect take on this theme.
Unknown said…
ouch, i hope you have some calamine lotion!:p
eastcoastlife said…
I'm getting itchy just looking at it. :P
Ouch! Looks like something bit you bad!
Hope all is OK now.
Happy Weekend!!
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Maya said…
Oh, that looks uncomfortable but perfect for this week's theme.
Looks like a nasty bug bite. I personal would be itching it.

Thanks for stop in for some coffee.
Irene said…
Nice take! Thanks for dropping by.