Pretty In Pink

Back then, hospital gowns are just white and very ordinary. Instead of the patient feeling better, the sight of of those uniforms make the patient feel more sick. If you are a doctor, a nurse or a medical staff and you had a choice of what scrub to wear, wouldn't you feel better wearing what you want to wear? Scrubs should not look ordinary, but should be fashionable as well.
A lot of patients would feel more at ease and will have a fast recovery when they see nurses wearing hot pink scrubs.  Pink is a smooth color and is pleasing to the eyes.  In fact, color experts say, colors whether intense or soft, are identified not so much on the basis of reflected light or shadow, but in terms of the meaning or feeling associated with them.  It is considered a color of good health and life.  Who wouldn't love seeing medical staff in pink medical uniform tops and pink medical uniform tops?
Blue Sky Scrubs have released their latest designs where doctors, dentists, nurses and staff who wear them can easily cheer up their patients.  That kind of attitude helps patients have a fast recovery.  They are so fashionable that they don't even look like scrubs.  The site offers a lot of fashionable scrubs, mens medical uniforms, nursing scrubs, koi scrubs, dental uniforms.  Drop by their website if you're looking for fashionable scrubs.