Grow Them Back Easily

It's usually the men who balds easily, right?  Some may only be in their late 20's but you can already notice receding hairlines.  But I know a few women who's suffering from hair loss at a young age.  I am lucky to be blessed with thick hair (which I hated when I was young!), so I won't be dealing with hair loss problems in the near future.  I used to hate it because I needed a thick rubber band to hold them together.  Those cute clips and ponytail holders won't do.  Worse, my locks are wavy, so you can just imagine my dilemma when I was younger.  Don't laugh but I used to pray for my hair to fall so they'll get thinner.  Well now, I am thankful  they didn't!  Haha.
I have a friend, S, who's not so lucky.  She is only in her early forties like me but her top has gone thin that you can see her scalp.  S is not one to try implants so the vitamins to grow long hair I found on the internet sounds perfect for her.  I showed it to her and she immediately asked her doc if it's alright for her to take them.  She is conservative and I admire her for being very careful when it comes to popping in meds and vitamins.  The doc gave her a go signal so let's see what happens in the next few weeks.