Sensitivity To Nickel

My daughter is not so fond of wearing jewelries.  It's not that she doesn't like them but she has somehow developed a sensitivity to earrings while she was growing up. It won't even take long before she has worn them and the itching, swelling, and redness will begin at the back of her ear lobe. We have tried allergy medications but this simply did not work.  There was one occasion that it became worse, the itching was accompanied by seeping, bleeding, burning and crusting. She hard a hard time because it took several days to heal.  It's a pity because she has big beautiful ears and any kind of earrings -- hoops, chandelier or studs -- would look really nice on them. 
It was only later that I learned, she was having an allergic reaction to nickel (if not for the health mag I was reading, I wouldn't even know!).  Most ear nuts are nickel-plated.  Funny because I first thought she was allergic to gold, I didn't even realize that it was the back of her ear lobes that was itchy.  My bad!
Ever since we knew, we have been more careful in buying earrings, bracelets and charm jewellery.  We have to make sure the metals have no nickel content or they'll end up in my jewelry box.  ;)