Slimming Tea, Bowling, and Osteoarthritis

About a month and a half ago, my mom's assistant offered me a slimming tea.  It's called Power Slim and it's in powder form.  You just mix it in 8 oz. hot water and drink.  In my desperation to shed off some of the pounds I gained since I have stopped smoking, I thought I'd try the tea.  I ordered for a box which is equivalent to a month's supply.  
After having it for a few days, I felt pain on my left knee.  I was bowling once a week so I didn't suspect it was the tea that caused it.   That week, the approach (it's where you take a slide before releasing the ball) was kind of sticky.  Thought I overdid it, and since I'm already in my forties and overweight, that caused the pain, though it was the first time I ever experienced a knee problem.  It wasn't much of a pain and I was not bothered by it because I can still walk, exercise and bowl.  It'll probably go away after a few days, I thought.  The pressure is felt if I had to walk a lot and bend my knee for a long time.  I noticed that it's inflamed. 
The pain was still there after a few weeks, that's when I began to worry.  Could I be having osteoarthritis?  Am I not too young for that?  I did a little research on it and found that it can be genetic, I could get it even if I'm only in my early forties.  I was contemplating on visiting the doctor and if I should ask for Glucosamine prescription, but I waited.  I went back to everything I did, ate and drink the past two weeks.  Everything else was norm except for the slimming tea.  So that's it!  I stopped taking it and though it took a while to ease the pain, my knee is now back to normal and the inflammation has subside.  I swear to myself, I am never going to take anything again without knowing what's in them.


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