What Your Body Tells You

There are more than a hundred types of vitamins available in the market today and if you have to listen to ads alone on what you should be popping in your mouth, you could have more than 10 supplements to take in a day -- vitamin D, E, C, A, B, zinc, iron, calcium, etc, etc.  Chances are, taking them all at the same time may not be helping your body at all.
Our body is one great machine.  When something goes wrong, it doesn't just shut down without warning, we get signals that let us know something is amiss.  Those symptoms and physical signs are our body's ways to alert us there is an imbalance.  Instead of popping a pill right away, it helps to know what your body is trying to tell you so you'll know how to supplement it properly.
Try to decipher your symptoms.  I found a website that will help you do that, vitaminID.com. You simply take the Survey and the answers you give will allow experts to instantly calculate possible gaps in your diet as they relate to your overall health and lifestyle (food, exercise, etc). Then you'll get a customized recommendation of daily vitamins, minerals, herbals, and other supplements that will assist you in your way towards healthy.