Yes, A Charm.

Hubs' aunt (the wife of his dad's brother) is turning  80 on the 27th.   Her children is giving her a grand party at the ballroom of the Makati Shangri-La Hotel on the same day.  MIL is helping them organize the party.  I offered my help too but knowing I had a lot of other work to do, MIL said it's alright, she just wants us to be there and just enjoy the party.  I have not shopped for a gift yet and I am starting to panic because I am running out of present ideas.  Come to think of it, what would you give a woman her age, who has almost everything?
I've given her some of my projects (cross stitched designs) so that is out of the questions.  She's probably too tired of them already.  :)  Yes, I've thought of jewelries too but it's way out our budget.  I simply cannot afford to buy her one at this time.  Besides, with all their money, I'm sure she has lots of elegant and expensive pieces.   But a friend is suggesting I check one website that sells cute jewelries, so I did.  Hmmm, why not?  I've seen the wonderful designs and Tita Fenny may be way past the 'cuties' stage but I've seen her wear charms.  I think it's a good idea to give her a pink heart charm.