Math Help

Joey’s least favorite subject is math.  For the last 3 years, he’s been taking up remedial classes during summer, to make up for his low grades.  Though he didn’t fail the subject, he got the lowest passing grade.  We were worried because in a few years, he’ll be in college and the low grades will surely affect his college applications.

At first, he disagreed with the idea of hiring  a tutor, but he agreed later on after hubs convinced him.  His grades have improved a lot, thanks to his math tutor, who have been very patient with him.  Chemistry, like Physics, have formulas and computations too, right?  Surprisingly, he doesn’t need a chemistry tutor because he doesn’t find the subject difficult. 

We might just finish the contract with his tutor this month then switch to an online tutor.  That way, he’ll get home early and have a little rest before studying again.