Apartments West Campus for Sean and Neal

Sean is my buddy's youngest son. He'll be attending a university in Texas. Not familiar with the area and his very first time alone, his parents are helping him look for a place to settle down. They have asked the help of an agent as well as my cousin who lives in the area. Sean will be living alone but needs a big apartment as he'll be getting regular visits from relatives and friends. They have checked apartments west campus to see if the units there would meet their criteria. There are a couple of units that just might work out for Sean.

He needs to settle down quick and get used to his new environment. He also has to get acquainted with his new school. Knowing where the buildings are will reduce his time transferring classrooms. His brother Neal will be joining him there too after his tour of duty is up. By then, we won't have to worry so much as the brothers will be together to help each other out.