If you are a frequent visitor of this blog, you've probably heard about my weight loss dilemma.  Seven months ago, I got sick.  The doc's diagnosis was Respiratory Tract Infection.  There were rashes all over my body, I thought I was having Dengue Fever.  When the CBC platelet result came out, the doc informed me of my condition.  I was advised to stop smoking while under treatment, or else I won't get better.  Well if I had to stop smoking then I might as well quit for good.  So I did.  I got well in as little as two weeks and feels better than ever.

The only thing that I don't feel good about is my weight.  My appetite has increased as soon as I have stopped and during the first four months, I wanted to eat every food in sight.  From medium, I went to plus size clothing.  Worst,  no matter how much I workout, the weight won't budge.   :(  What's more frustrating was the fact that there are only a few womens plus size clothing shops around here. I even had to go to the Mall of Asia to find one that caters to women's plus size clothing.  The only consolation was their designs are very stylish, hubs said, I look sexy even with all the pounds I've packed during the past months.

Though I'm still in this dilemma, I'm still positive that my inactive thyroid  will wake up soon.  Then I'll lose some.  :)