A Cornered Market

One of my neighbors recently opened a laundry business.  He said, he never expected that it is a very lucrative business.  We live in a semi-commercial area and he was only targeting the single occupants of condominiums nearby.  He never expected that big accounts will land on his lap. 

His business is only a couple of months old and he has two big accounts.  One is a hostel and the other one is a hospital.  Two more hospitals are considering his proposal.  He might need a bigger space if he gets the other two.  His small space is now full of white blankets and pillow cases, nursing scrubs,  tons of towels, scrubs clothing and other medical uniforms.

His coin-operated washing machines are also very busy with walk-in customers, 24/7.  A couple of months more and he'll have 100 percent ROI.  Your business is a success my friend, I wouldn't be surprise if i hear he's opened another branch. 


Tim said…
I live in Thailand and there are at least 4 laundrys on every block and they all do well. Why do laundry when someone else will do it well and cheaply.

Sounds like your friend hit on a gold mine.