Dreaming About Spain

If there is one place I have always dreamed of visiting, it is Spain.  Oh, how I drooled when my family went there some years ago.  Hubs and I were left behind because the doc didn't allow me to go, I was pregnant with my daughter that time.  It was a tour all around Europe up to the mountains of Medjugorje so it was a very tiring tour.  The pictures they showed me during their stay at one of the Villas in Ibiza had me drooling all the more.  The soft, white sand and crystal clear waters were so inviting it made me dream of it more.  The beaches in Ibiza are said to be the finest in the Mediterrenean.

We have plans of going next year on our 25th wedding anniversary.  It's not going to be as grand as their European tour because I don't want to spend that much.  Ours will just be Spain.  Florence is also a possibility, if the budget fits.  :)  Hubs has started to look for possible places to stay and two came up on top of his list.  The wonderful Villas in Tenerife and the exotic villas in Cyprus.

I can't wait to see the miles and miles of pristine white beaches that stretch out to an endless blue sea, mom said, the clearest waters can be found there. And if you're familiar with Ibiza, you know that the place boasts of a glamorous nightlife, world-class entertainment, gourmet dining, spas and clubs.  The bar hopping fun is what hubs dream of.  He says, that's the best thing to do after basking in the sun all day.  Of course there are other activities like golf, scuba, and shopping. All these are just within walking distance of wherever you stay on the island.  Oh, please let the days pass quickly! :)