Fan Shopping

Our weather here is starting to get warmer.  Yes, it is still chilly at night and in the early hours of the morning, but the sun is scorching hot from noon to three, it's already impossible to get by without a ceiling fans.  At the store, I noticed that the cold drinks are becoming more in demand and customers are always asking for the coldest bottles of soda.

In a few weeks, the hot and dry summer days will be here and while I still have time, I need to find out who makes the best ceiling fans here.  The wall fan at the store needs to be replaced and I think a ceiling fan would generate more air movement than a wall fan.  And with that, I can now give the wall space to a supplier who wants to put up a display rack on that side.

Shopping for good quality fans can be a little confusing, what with all the different sizes, shapes and colors and variety. But since I already know what I'm looking for then I don't think I will have a difficult time.