A Good Injury Lawyer

So many cases have been filed over the years by either the victims or the family of the victims who have been involved in road accidents.  These are mostly from truck accidents.  If you happen to live in Texas and have a pending case against the truck driver and the truck company, enlisting the services of an Austin truck accident attorney may help speed up your case.  Why?  Because an Austin injury lawyer works hard to win a case for you. These competitive attorneys have good track records for past handling of injury claims cases.

A good lawyer has a good record of settling most of his cases out of court.  That's going to be your clue actually. If the Austin personal injury lawyer is known around the courthouse with a great win record, other lawyers will think it's wiser not to want to face them in court, thus a settlement is reached out of court.

You can also rest assured that your Austin personal injury  lawyer would be totally honest with you once he has checked out your case.  He'll tell you immediately what your chances are and what he believes the outcome will be or at least some hint on what he thinks the outcome of the case will be.


Slade Fedore said…
Be sure and get the names in writing of any witnesses to your accident.
You may need their testimony at a later date and this will provide valuable third-party assessments of your accident.

It is NOT WISE to talk to the other party’s insurance company.
You may unintentionally weaken your case.

Do NOT down play your symptoms with your physician. Honestly relate to your doctor every symptom you are experiencing!
For example, if you see your doctor following a car accident and talk to him about how bad your back is hurting, but fail to mention you also have a sore neck, the doctor's testimony later on will hurt your whiplash case because you did not mention it at the time. Many symptoms become worse days and weeks after an accident. Do not be dishonest or exaggerate symptoms, but once again, be honest with your doctor about ALL symptoms.

Be honest with the doctor about any problems you had BEFORE the accident.
They need a complete picture and it is to your benefit to share this information with them. The insurance company may show up with medical records that indicate symptoms of a bad back 3 to 5 years prior. This will put your doctor in a tough spot if you did not mention this to him.

Take lots of pictures.
Get as many pictures as you can of the spot where you were injured, or in the case of an auto injury, the car in which you were injured. Sometimes the opportunity is lost when the car is moved or demolished before your case is settled or goes to trial.

Take photos of any bruises or scars immediately following your injury and as they develop.
In some cases, the bruises or scars may fade or disappear within a few days, perhaps even before you hire a personal injury attorney. Your ability to demonstrate your physical injury via photos may be lost.

Contact our personal injury attorneys soon after being seen by medical personnel.
A personal injury attorney will take the pictures, police report, and schematic of the accident and conduct a thorough investigation while the evidence still exists. When you hire a personal injury lawyer right away, the insurance company knows you are serious.
I am not an attorney and this is not legal advice, just a few good tips I researched for my own accident.