Helping a troubled teen

We all know that the age between thirteen and nineteen, or the teenage phase is one of the hardest phases one has to go through in life.  This is the time when teenagers go through a lot of changes or what we call adolescence or puberty.   This is the time when they need their parents the most to guide them through this difficult stage.  There are those who aren't so lucky though, and would rather go through this period alone.  And because they are alone, it's easy to get confused on what should and what shouldn't be.

How do you know if your child is a troubled teen?  For a teener, friends mean the world. They like doing everything with friends and would share their deepest secrets with them.  So if you notice that your teenager likes to be alone all or most of the time, check out why.

If you notice your child is hanging out with a whole new group of friends and he's not giving you a clue as to who they might be or where he has met them, then you may be concerned. This change of friends may also lead to a change in behavior as well.

Observe his grades.  If his grades are plummeting and he seems to be not interested in attending school, then things going amiss. Getting involved into fights at school or disputes with teachers is another obvious sign.

Parents who are struggling with this problem may want to send their kids to reputable boarding schools for troubled boys.  Experts advice, it is best to remove the child from the negative influences, put him in one of the best boarding schools until he is steady enough to stand up for himself. The school's goal is to make him feel comfortable with his feelings, choices and who he is so he doesn't need acceptance from others By the time he is finished with the course and is ready to leave the residential treatment centers, he is more confident and emotionally healthy.


Kristin said…
Troubled Teens...Some Make It & Some Don't...R.I.P. -

I recommend reading this recent article about residential treatment centers, they do NOT help, whereas the Wraparound programs, based on evidence and treating the whole family rather than the child show positive results.

Where did you get this data? Also "experts" in this field lack consistent language, treatment, and standards. Each one is regulated by state at varying levels, be very very careful about considering this option and be ready to hear the school, ore the person getting commission for sending you there, because they will tell you your child will likely kill themselves and use fear tactics like crazy.

I too am a mother and a parent working to promote treating the family as a whole, because evidence shows it is best.

I hightly recommend reading this recent article: well as Maia Szalavitz's groundbreaking book "Help at Any Cost" uncovering how this industry is destroying families and children.
Kristin said…
And if you don't look at any of those links, what they are telling us is that kids are DYING at these places of terrible abuse and torture.