Wanting to spend some quality time together, my husband and I decided to go on a dinner date. We went to one of our favorite restaurants to dine. It has been a long time since we last went out on a date that hours passed without us noticing it. Not wanting to stay up too late, we decided to leave. Lo and behold! And to my husband's dismay, greeting us was a deep scratch on the door of the passenger side. With my husband's tight schedule getting that ugly scratch fixed could take years. He is so meticulous the does not want to leave his car when it is being serviced.  The last time he had a break job, he made sure he saw every thing that was done to his car. We only have a Honda, so you can just imagine if that was a Chevrolet Silverado, the truck of his dreams, it would have killed him if it had a tiny scratch, haha.

When he browses the internet, he likes visiting sites on automotive; he looks for shops where he can buy cheap parts and accessories and where he can get the best services. Although we are here in the Philippines, he likes to visit sites like the Dallas auto repair.  Then he would compare the services they offer with the services that are offered here.  He always says that theirs is a good example should he open an auto repair shop. The company does not only specialize in repairing cars and trucks which have had minor collisions and minor fender benders. Their expertly trained automotive technicians can do all the necessary repairs such as painting, dent repair and scratches on the spot.  Oh, how he wishes there is an auto shop like that around here.