Missing The Old House

I miss our old house! The house where I grew up. The house where my mom planted a lot of fruit trees -- the dwarf mango tree, avocado tree, guava tree and jackfruit tree. Mom has a green thumb and whatever plant she touches grows. Most of the trees we had bore fruits during the summer. Our kitchen will be filled with different fruits during those times and when her harvest is plenty, many will be given to friends and family.

She also had several palm trees and a tall coconut tree. Coconut salad was never a problem because she only had to ask our houseboy to harvest some coconut. We never had to buy coconut juice! But the tree didn't last long. When a new neighbor moved beside us, we had to cut the tree down. The heavy coconut keeps falling on their roof, they had to change it three times. They were probably hesitant to approach us and tell us about their roof.

Mom loved to plant herbs too and she had a lot in pots that she'd give out to her friends as gifts on Christmas. She never tried planting bamboo plants though. I don't know why, but if she did, I'm sure it's going to grow too and last a really long time.