Save Mother Earth with GPS Tracking

Getting lost all the time?  Imagine how much driving time and gasoline you can save when you have gps tracking installed in your car.  For us, it's a lot!  My FIL still likes to drive around but at his age, and with all the new roads added, it's not as easy for him to find his destination as it was several years ago.  He attended a get-together last week and the party finished at around 8 pm, but he got home around 1 am.  MIL was so worried she thought FIL had an accident.  Turned out he got lost and since it was dark, he found it hard to find his way.  Hubs decided to have a GPS installed in his car.
Besides being environment-friendly, this little device will help FIL beat driving around in circles and will limit his stops to ask directions. Plus, the whole family will not be worrying too much whenever he goes out.