Summer Excitement

With only a few weeks before summer vacation, my son and his cousins are already thinking of how they are going to spend it.   There weren't much fun last year because Joey had to spend a few weeks taking up math remedial lessons, but this time, he's so sure he's not going to spend summer in school.  :)  Well good for you sweetie, you may want to pursue taking up football classes with the other boys.  :)
A few years ago, he wanted to learn the sport but because our budget was  tight that year, and the uniforms and equipment sold here were pretty pricey, I asked him to wait.  This summer, I'm making sure he learns football.  I've also seen affordable jerseys, football shoes and nice equipment at mitre footballs.  There are also fun sets that come with team logo helmet with foam padding and face mask with adjustable chin strap, 100% double knit polyester team jersey and 100% double knit polyester pants with elastic waistband and cuffs. These kids will definitely love those cute football uniforms.
Once they see these gears, I'm sure they can't wait to start, so I'm gonna have to keep it a secret first.  They need to focus on the finals first!