Three Busy Men

If I only listened to hubs, then there won't be any need to change the two bathroom doors.  When we had the house renovated 4 years ago, I insisted on wooden doors.  I liked them because they are easier to paint but I didn't realize that the paint won't protect the wood from water.  The bottom of the doors constantly get wet from the splatters and now they are rotting.  It's a good thing you can't see the unsightly damage if you view it from the outside.  It was hubs who can't stand  the sight, lol.  I was too proud to admit I made the wrong decision that I was set on replacing both doors on my own.  Haha.

However, hubs couldn't wait.   The delivery men came this morning.  Apparently, hubs has ordered 2 UPVC Doors. Then he called to ask me if they have arrived and I said yes. He says, he'll be working on them this weekend and has enlisted the help of my son and brother in law.  I can just see how the whole house is going to be a mess with these three boys working together.  The last time they did the windows, it took me a day and a half to clean all the mess.  Well anyway, since they will be working hard this weekend, they'll be in for a treat, I'm gonna bake their favorite lasagna for dinner.