Cyprus, truly captivating.

The Mediterranean is a tourist's paradise. The area is teeming with vacation spots that would leave any guest breathless. Dozens of places will give you a paradise like experience. Rich in history and natural splendor, it always captivates anyone's heart. One such island paradise is the country island of Cyprus. Once held by ancient and modern empires, it is one of the world's best vacation destinations. My friends who have been to the place never wanted to leave the place. Resorts and hotels dot the island. Quite a few of them actually never left.

If you want to have more privacy, there are villas in Cyprus which you can rent. These could accommodate groups and families that travel together. Ancient ruins and buildings would allow visitors to relive its once glorious past. If you're a history buff, this island paradise would be a great place to enrich your knowledge. Cyprus, of course, is not just about sights and scenes. The world renown Mediterranean cuisine will make any palette jump for joy. Its many restaurants and bistros will give you a great culinary experience.

The island is highly modern and diverse. New and old is assimilated. Its rich and diverse culture is definitely an experience in itself. A melting pot of Greek, Cypriot and Turkish culture, you will definitely enjoy studying its culture. Its natural beauty has much to offer. You can sail around the island and explore its many beaches. Clear blue waters beckons you to take a dip and enjoy what the sea has to offer.

I have made a pact with myself. I will make sure that I visit one of the villa holidays in my lifetime. This is one experience that I cannot afford not to miss out on. Next summer is my target. It would be a good vacation to take with my husband. We seldom traveled together in our more than two decades of wedded bliss. We owe it to ourselves. He loves history and Mediterranean food. We'll both have the grandest time of our lives.