Just Making Sure

A sizable amount of lot is being offered to my mom at a bargain.  Apparently, the heirs need the money because they are migrating to Australia.  Mom of course, wanted to make sure if the documents shown to her are authentic so she went to LRA (Land Registration Authority).  Turned out that it's real, the only thing that's stopping her from acquiring the property is the Spanish annotation at the back of the title.
She wants me to look for translation services so we can have it translated.  That's what I admire about my mom.  She is too careful when it comes to major purchases.  Who knows, the Spanish writings at the back may mean something important.  The lot could have been sold to someone else for all we know.  At least with a reputable translation company, she'll know what the annotation connotes.
Anyway, I didn't think the job would be easier for me.  A few clicks brought me to so many translation services pages.  I even found Übersetzungsbüro, should you have a need for German translators, they are know to be the best.