The Major Players

As a housewife who simply asks the gasoline boy to fill up the tank, pays the bill and steps on the gas, I would never ever think there is a difference between bp and exxon.  To me, these oil companies, whether European or American, are all just the same.  I know that both companies supply us with petroleum, gasoline, diesel, aviation gas, cooking gas, oil, lubricants and other automotive fuels.  And I know that both companies are also the world's largest producers of such products and has the largest refineries in some, if not all parts of the world.  Both are also active in every area of the oil and gas industry.

But then again, I am wrong.  If you really think about it, yes, they are competitors when it comes to fuel and oil supplies, but although these two major players offer the same line of products, the former is also into the development and production of new alternative energy.  If you've heard of biofuels, wind energy, solar energy and hydrogen, British Petroleum or BP is working hard to have all these available to us soon in a more affordable way.  Exxon on the other hand is working hard to develop what they have and provide us with better and cleaner fuel.  While the two big players in the oil business have different ways, both are working hard not just to develop new products and improve on what they already have, but to deliver quality fuel and help the environment as well.

You know how fuel is so important in our daily lives. Notice how much it affects businesses when the price changes?  A lot!  Without fuel, nothing much can be accomplished. Without big companies like BP and Exxon, the world will not be as bright as it is today.