Nursing Internships Abroad

Many Filipinos find medical related and nursing jobs abroad very lucrative that is why more and more students are leaning to that field of study.  It isn't surprising that over the past years, a lot of schools around here are now offering dental, medical and nursing courses.  I have three aunts who are nurses and an uncle who is a nurse aid.  All of them are in the US and earning lots of $$$.  I also have a cousin who recently graduated from nursing and is preparing to take the board exam.  Of all the people I know who aim for the bigger bucks, this cousin of mine is different.  Of course, she's thinking of earning too.  Elaine is an orphan, it was my mom who sent her to school.  And since mom is not asking her to pay back the expenses, she'd like to return it by passing it forward.  As soon as she passes the board exam, we are to look for nursing internships abroad.  She wants to be of service to those who most need medical attention first before aiming for the big bucks.  
Elaine is working too hard, while reviewing for her exams, she does some charity works with some doctors in the nearby provinces.  Hopefully, she'll be lucky to do her internship with her boyfriend.  He is a doctor, and like her would like to attend medical outreach programs.  I'm sure they can find medical internships abroad that also offer internships for nurses so they can stay in one place.  My cousin is still too young and it will worry my mom to death if she goes in the mission alone.  If  only it was several years back when my husband's friend looked for Dentistry internships abroad, then it wouldn't worry my mom because there's someone older, that we know, who will be leaving with them. But that friend is now back in the country and has established his own clinic.
Anyway, going back to my story, I told mom not to worry about my cousin too much.  Elaine is very independent and has a mind of her own.  She knows how to take care of herself and I'm sure these internships know how to take care of their volunteers as well.  Plus, she has a boyfriend who will do his best to protect her.  Way to go Elaine!  I wish you all the luck and success.