Saturday Nights

Saturday nights at home mean pizza and DVD marathons.  It's the time when the kids can stay up late -- any other hour as they call it -- watch movies and television, and munch on buckets of popcorn.  It used to be Saturday nights at the movies but when going to the cinemas got more expensive (especially if it was done on a weekly basis) we thought of just spending them at home, buying all the food they like and watch as much movies as we can. 
We usually take turns on who gets to choose the movies for the week, but you know the boys.  They have a way of bribing me and daughter to choose action and horror-and-suspense films, which is alright because although we love  to watch chic flicks, we don't watch a lot of those in front of the guys.  We both cry easily and instead of watching the film, the boys are watching us cry with their funny faces.
How about your Saturday nights?