Tight Budget

I don't know how it is at your end, but the price of gasoline back here keeps on going up, we had three oil price hikes in a matter of 2 weeks.  If this goes on then I really don't know if I could stretch the budget some more.  As expected, prices of most goods went up too after the oil price hike.  :(  The other day, I was at the grocery for our weekly supply.  Armed with the week's budget when I arrived at the supermarket, I went home sighing with just a few bags of groceries.

Oh well, I am not about to wreck our weekend with my budget dilemma, but I am not about to sulk and sit idly either without doing something about it.  I was just talking about how I could save more money in my other blog when my mom called last night to tell me that she also bought me a water filter pitcher. Lol. I was asking my friends if they have any idea how much these water filter pitchers cost, and now I already have one. :) Blessings!  :)

I order 5 containers of 5 gallons each of drinking water every week.  That's Php 200 every week, Php 800 every month and Php 9600 every year.  That's just for drinking water!  With a  filtering water pitcher, my family will have safe drinking water and I will not buy gallons of water anymore. Money saved: Php 9600 a year!  Thanks mom, I love you!  :)