What is? for instant answers

I know you have a question. Does that start with... What is? I know that we have so many things in our minds that we want to be answered right away. There is a virtual library of information you can use for researching a given topic like technology (gadgets included), politics, food, business, humanities (religion and language), health (medicine and disease), computer (software and internet), science (chemistry, physics, biology and environment), among others. We can go to an actual library in our town to research for the stuff we want answers to. But that will take time. Going to and from the library. Finding the right book containing the information we need. Or we can go online, go to the virtual library that qWhatIs.com is and find answers in an instant!

Instant is best. With the technology these days, almost every relevant information we need can be found in an instant online. Why take time to find the answers to your "What is?" questions when you can find it in a few clicks of the mouse? Go online now. Do your research. Ask your questions. Find the answers. No need to waste precious hours sitting in a library surrounded by books, feeling the need to hit your head on the wall because you just can't find the right words to the one thing nagging you from the get go. What is? Here's the answer to that... go to qWhatIs.com and find the answers written in simple words that you and I can easily understand. Words that we can explain even to students who might ask for the same answers we ourselves are looking for. Make learning about new things as fun and as simple as 1-2-3. Make it interactive. You and I might be asking the same questions. Let's go ask "What is?" and interact!