Why Muslims Are Sensitive

Have we ever stopped and think why muslims are so sensitive? Has it ever occurred to us that maybe they are sensitive because we react negatively to anything related to them and their beliefs? Maybe we also ridicule them at times especially on things that we can't relate to?

Islam is the Muslims' religion and the second largest in the world. It is commonly misinterpreted by many people who are prejudiced against it. In short, racial discrimination and stereotyping already in place even before there is any understanding on what Islam truly is. Since Muslims are very protective of their religion, if we even slightly mock it, they tend to become sensitive. I think anybody who is mocked about his/her religion will react the same way. Muslims follow the teachings of their Prophet Muhammad. If you mock them, ridicule or insult their religious beliefs, that is tantamount to doing it to their prophet, too.

Muslims have a different lifestyle than us. Men and women dress differently. They follow so many guidelines when it comes to the food they eat. Their activities are different than ours. The way they treat the opposite sex is also entirely different than the way we do. They are different but that doesn't entitle us to feel superior to them. If we only show them the respect that all human beings are entitled to, maybe they won't be as sensitive to us non-Muslims. It's all about letting them be. We all live by a set of rules that we adhere to. Our is just not as strict as theirs. Keep that in mind when you think of Muslims and their way of life.

We can all live in this world without the need to fight with each other if we only show Muslims, and non-Muslims like us, the respect that each one of us deserves.