Mellow Yellow Monday #105


Saw this beautiful fountain last night when we went out of the hotel after having dinner.  Saw the yellow lights and thought of course, of Mellow Yellow Monday.
Have a great week everyone!


Laikka said…
yap nice kaayo:) romantic..hehe..nice shot too!
Vrinda said…
Beautiful lights!

Nice capture!
Stef said…
Indeed beautiful!
Kim, USA said…
This is amazing. I so wish sometime I could photograph a fountain at night ^_^ Great shot! Thanks for the visit!

Mel_Cole said…
What a pretty capture of the fountain. Loved it. My Yellow Mondaythawl
Jazzbumpa said…
Very cool. I like the play of light and dark.

Thanks for the visit.

Cookie said…
very nice view, mommy liz! love it!
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