No Rain In Spain

Spain is one of Europe's most visited countries especially during summer. Its beaches are some of the best that Europe has to offer. Its highlands also attracts hikers and backpackers. The lure of the sea is something irresistible. The beaches of Mallorca lures not only locals but foreigners too. Hotels are packed during the summer months as tourist flock to this seaside paradise. For lengthy stays, there are numerous private villas for rent on a weekly basis. Honeymooners, families and friends stay in these very private and exclusive villas. All are overlooking the alluring beach of Mallorca. Pools are provided for the guests should they prefer to avoid the crowds. These villas give its guests the sense of having a home away from home.
There are also apartments available to tourists. The Pollensa apartments is one of the best in the region. Much like the private villas, these apartments are exclusive too. They offer more privacy to its guests than the crowded accommodations of the hotels. Guests have a more relaxed experience and would really enjoy their long stay. Some may think that these cost more, on the contrary, they are considerably less expensive. Depending on how one views it, accommodations are comparable or even better than staying in a hotel. It's more likely that guests in villas and apartments have better interaction with other guests. With a smaller gorup of people to deal with, friendships could develop. This is based on my personal experience in my many travels. You get to interact on a personal level.
Travelers now are more choosy. They tend to shy away from highly commercialized  lodgings. They travel in groups not only to enjoy each other's company but to share in the costs as well. All around the world, more and more exclusive establishments are heeding put up to address the changing attitudes of tourists. It's not neccessarily all about the nightlife but more on enjoying a relaxing trip. There are more ways of enjoying your trip than partying night after night after night. Of course the occassional trip to a bar or disco is still a must. Just so one can experience the what a place could offer.
Mallorca is a place where the sun always shines. It's a place where you can frolic and bask under the wonderful Mediterranean sun. It's a place that every traveler should visit in his or her lifetime. The Spanish plains get all the rain, In Mallorca, the sun shines almost the entire year.