Cheerful and Bright

My son and I had a scheduled visit to the dentist yesterday.  When we arrived at the clinic, I was surprised to see Sharon, my dentist's assistant, wearing a cute, flower-patterned scrub.  I commented that I found her uniform cheerful.  She thanked me and said that even the doctors are wearing Dickies Scrubs.  True enough, when it was our turn, we saw the two doctors wearing paisley scrubs.  I even teased my doc that she looked more beautiful in her new scrubs and she was all smiles during the session.

It was the first time I have seen these beautifully colored scrubs, but they certainly created a cheerful ambiance.  The plain navy blue scrubs they used to wear kind of made the clinic a little gloomy.  The bright and cheerful environment made me, my son, and all the other patients leave the clinic with a happy smile.  Imagine if all the hospitals will wear the same scrubs.  Recovery will be fast, I'm sure.