Do It With Short Bursts

Don't have the time to workout?   You can still do it with short bursts and lose weight even if you are too busy.  I recently read that the short bursts of ten or five minutes is equivalent to an hour's workout.  You will lose more  if you do the bursts three to four times daily.

You don't even have to run to the gym to do this.  The staircase is a good venue.  Try running up the stairs and walking down for five minutes.  It may sound easy but actually it's not.  I am already huffing and puffing on the third minute.  I'm slowly working my way to five minutes.

If the staircase is too much for you, a needak rebounder could work well. It's like a mini trampoline where you can do some jumping exercises.  Five minutes in the rebounder not only helps you lose weight -- your muscles and bones become stronger; it's great for your heart and arthritis; it increases metabolism; gives you more energy; fights depression and stress, makes you look and feel younger and strengthen your spine.

Losing weight is not as hard as you think.  Your five minutes can do so much to your body and if you  couple it some with dietary changes, you'll achieve your desired weight without making too much changes on your busy schedule.