Advances In Education

The world is truly wired. Almost everything is now in the world wide web. In the past, working people enrolled in correspondence schools to finish their college degrees. Many people had to work their way through college. Reasons vary, some were homemakers, others where forced to work to help out their families. A close friend of mine got her degree through this.

The internet is evolving. Along with its evolution, universities and colleges have realized its potential. They have brought their campuses in our homes. Paying for College has become easier on the wallet for busy homemakers. No more dormitory and travel expenses. You can finish your degree at your own pace. An Online School frees up time for those who have small children to attend to. Even the elderly can now attend online schooling.

The fast pace of life is making it more difficult to get a degree. Most opt to enter the labor force early to address the high cost of living. I am a mother. There are still so many things I would like to accomplish. Motherhood has taken a priority and took most of my time. I would like to take up advertising but is unable to. Online schooling would help achieve that goal. Even if my kids are all grown up, attending regular isn't possible. My family is pushing me and is very supportive. I may just take their offer and I'm pretty glad that I can finally do something for myself.


Swubird said…

Although I adore and respect motherhood, after all, my own wife is a wonder mother, I also believe in achieving your dreams. No matter how long it takes, do what fulfills you. If you don't, you will be doomed to a life of emptiness and unhappiness.

I worked full time during the day and attended college in the evenings. It took many years to complete, but I wanted that degree, and I wasn't about to give up. Now I am content. I fulfilled my dreams of a college education and, along with my beautiful queen, we raised a wonderful family.

Good luck to you.

Happy trails
hailey said…
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