Did You Know?

You can tame your cough with dark chocolate.  A 1 oz. serving of the treat suppresses coughs 33 percent better than over-the-counter cough syrups.  dark chocolate is rich in theobromine, a compound that soothes the cough-triggering vagus nerve.


Jean Soo said…
really? wow! that's useful! i didn't know abt it.

Anonymous said…
Now this is good news!! ha

Two posts ago, I pictured a Victorian era chocolate pot - guess chocolate was a popular drink for the kids in that time period!
Tita Beng said…
all this time, I thought all kinds of chocolates triggers cough. thanks for the info liza!
Didn't know about that and happy to know it since i oh so love chocolates specially dark ones.
Russ said…
I am hearing more and more good things about chocolate. Thank You. I have to save this post to show my wife. I do love chocolate of any kind.