Experience Nature

If you think that only Africa can give you the best that nature has to offer, you are definitely wrong. Though thousands of miles apart, Australia, South and North America can equally give you an experience of what nature has to offer. There are different australia tours that will give you different experiences. There are tours that allow you to see up close the great Australian outback or its diverse sea life. A trip to Australia will not be complete without sailing to the Great Barrier Reef.

South America has so many things to offer. You can go to Peru and travel machu picchu. Declared as a UNESCO Heritage site, Machu Picchu or "Old Peak", gives you a perspective of ancient Americas. This is the seat of power of the great Inca people. You will be amazed of its architecture and its lost civilization. I also has wildlife indigenous to the country. Just picture yourself trekking up the mountain to see a lost civilization. Along the way, nature will offer you a closer look at the Peruvian flora and fauna.

Not to be outdone, Canada is a country that has yet to be fully developed. If conservation is taken lightly in other countries, Canada takes nature conservation seriously. Different canada tours will allow you to experience North American virgin forests. In fact, despite Canada's huge land area, much of the country is protected from human intervention. Its natural resources are well managed. What is taken is commensurate to what is needed. No wonder it is one of the most envied nations in the world. You must really travel to these places in your lifetime.