For Less Than 60 Seconds

Got no time to meditate?  You don't need to set aside an hour a day to experience the relaxation benefits of meditation.  Here, try these less-than-a-minute exercises I found from Woman's Day:

1)  REST YOUR HEAD - Our minds tend to get carries away when we experience an emotion.  Next time this happens, try to feel the emotion in your body.  If you're nervous, notice your physical reaction, such as sweaty palms.   Concentrate on the sensation, not your inner dialogue.  You'll give your mind a rest and return your focus to present.

2)  PRACTICE LOVING KINDNESS - Give yourself a break from chores by closing your eyes and visualizing someone you care about for one minute.  Silently repeat to yourself, "May you be happy" each time you take a breath.  This allows you to unwind by thinking about something pleasant.  See if your heart doesn't soften just a little.

3)  EAT YOUR WAY TO ENLIGHTENMENT - Make one bite if every meal a mindful one.  Remove all distractions and focus on the physical sensations of the food, such as how it feels on your tongue.  Eat slowly and don't swallow until you've chewed fully.  Paying attention to your meal lets you truly enjoy it.