Mom's Rubber Mulch

Having problems with the unsightly weeds in your garden?  Sometimes, no matter how much we work hard in our gardens to make it so pretty, it is not enough to get rid of the weeds. If weeds are your problem, landscape mulch might just be what you need to avoid the weeds. The mulch is any type of material -- rubber, bark, leaves, wood chips, compost mixtures, bark, pine needles, cocoa husk, and other plant-based materials that you put on top of the soil to conserve soil moisture and prevent weeds.

However, if you're new at this, don't just put anything or everything on top of your soil.  There are different types of soils and not all the materials mentioned above works the same. Know about proper mulching and it can improve the health of your garden.  Your plants will be healthier and stronger and will be more resistant to diseases, aphids and other harmful insects, and drought.

My mom uses rubber mulch in her garden. She says, it's the best way to protect her plants from the hot rays.  We live in the tropics and the only seasons we have here are summer and rainy seasons.  The rubber's composition protects her soil from the scorching sun and too much water.  Mom also loves that the rubber will not decompose, unlike organic mulch that you have to replace from time to time.