My Handyman

Whenever we went to the mall, hubs never failed to visit his favorite store, the hardware.  Even if there is nothing to buy he loves to roam around the store just to see what's new.  Sometimes I leave him there and do my grocery shopping and come back for him afterwards.  If I can stay at the grocery store for hours, he can stay at the hardware for hours, too.  :)  When I'm with him, he'll show me lots of stuff like the latest in tv remote controls.  He'll show me how it works and the added features.  He loves that hardware because they have almost everything.  He says whatever he needs he'll surely find there: nuts and bolts; wires and cables; curtain rods; gardening stuff; barbecue grills and accessories; tire cleaners; car accessories; pots and pans; and even TV Parts and Laptop batteries.  And when he buys something, he's like a child because he can't wait to go home and tinker with it.

My husband is like the handyman.  At home, we don't even have to call the plumber or the carpenter for minor repairs.  It's a great advantage for me because we save lots of $$$ from repairs.  Remember Tim Allen's Home Improvement?  That's his dream, haha.