The New Condo

My friend Lynne who's an interior decorator is on a hunt for lighting fixtures.  She knows I love to shop with her when  it comes to home fixtures and decors.  As usual, she called me up before going to the home depot.  Good timing, I said to myself, I'm going to check out the ceiling fan lights they have there.  Just before summer started, hubs installed a ceiling fan in the living room.  One of the bulbs is busted and  since we'll be going to the home depot, I'm gonna buy a few.

Lynne and I spent hours at the shop.   We love to look  at everything they have and every time we visit the depot there is always something new.  Our eyes feasted on the latest in home lighting fixtures.  Pendant lights always fascinate me.  I really don't know but there is something dramatic about these lights that I insisted on having pendant lights at the corner of our living room.

Lynne loved the modern crystal lighting and she thought of using them in the new condo.  She was lucky to find discount lighting fixtures too for the kitchen and bathrooms.  I've never been to her new condominium but I can already picture how beautiful it's going to be with all the wonderful lighting fixtures she chose.  Two weeks more and it'll be finished.  I can't wait to see her new abode.