Next Summer

If museums and historical places are what you are looking for, a trip to Zurich is what you'll love.  The place is home to so many art galleries, 50 museums and many historical places.  It's the art zurich my mom fell in love with.  She loved that everything was there when she and my dad visited Switzerland some years ago.  She enjoyed visiting the many Zurich Art Galleries boasting with a variety of Monet, Chagall, Van Gogh, Matisse and Munch.  She said the sculptures of Rodin are amazing.

Mom was our first teacher about art.  It's from her that we learned how to appreciate the beautiful works of these famous painters.  She loves to collect the works of our local painters here especially the landscapes.  Next Summer, my parents plan on traveling to some parts of Europe, Zurich is included of course.  They want us to go with them this time and it's on them.  :) 

While my mom and dad are looking forward to seeing the art galleries and museums, I can't wait to try vienna restaurants.  Spanish cuisine is my favorite and I am looking forward to tasting authentic Spanish dishes.  Of course I'd love to see the arts too but food first. Haha.