Only a Couple of Weeks More

My daughter is now on her 34th week of pregnancy.  She is carrying twins so hers is a little difficult than normal.   As per last prenatal check-up, her cervix is already open.  Two centimeters to be exact.  The twins are expected to come out on July 7, but it seems they can't wait anymore.  Her doctor said they can still wait for a couple of weeks more just as long as she takes the medicine prescribed to her and that she rests in bed.  Abrupt movements may cause premature labor.

She said she feels sore because she can't move well, so I called up her doctor to ask what we can do about it.  She recommended prenatal massage and gave a number to call.  She explained that just like a regular massage, this kind of massage will help improve her blood circulation since she has not been moving enough, relax her tensed muscles and ease the sore spots on her sides and back.  It is tailored to target the specific needs of a pregnant woman and only trained therapists can do it.

I already called the clinic and she is scheduled to start tomorrow.  We are all hopeful that this technique will help her go through the most difficult part of her pregnancy with ease.