Saving Up On Eco-Friendly Products

First thing that we think about when we talk about going green is recycling.  I am pleased that this concept has become top of mind for many households.  Another main thing that we need to focus on is buying organic foods and products.  Have you read the ingredients on some of the things you eat or even use for personal care.  Some of the shampoos and deodorants have some pretty unrecognizable chemicals in them.  But, I know what you are thinking. These products can be so expensive compared to the generic items and when you are working on a budget, it is tough to make that purchase.  So, why not find a way to save money on eco-friendly products.  Only make sense!  One site that has great discounts is  They have hundreds of coupon codes for all the top merchants.  They even have a section for Free Shipping coupons.  Need help with a retailer or have some questions about online shopping, just connect with one of their CouponPros through email, Facebook or Twitter.  That is a great resource for you because you can recommend vendors to them and they will help you get an offer.  Right now they have Home Depot Coupons and Staples Coupons for savings on eco-friendly products through their site.  The site has so much information on the vendors, the coupons used and savings information for each coupon.  You can also sign up on the VIP List through Facebook to get access to weekly prize giveaways and exclusive offers. Finally, if you want to save some green, check out the discounted gift cards section.  They have hundreds of retailer gift cards, like Bath and Body Works, for sale below face value.  I know they make some great organic products and you can get a $90 card for only $78.  Those cards make great gifts, especially if you send a greeting card and recommend a couple of your favorite organic products for your friends to try.    So, keep recycling, buy organic and keep saving money while saving the planet. 

Monique Rowe is a guest writer for My and loves doing product and service reviews on her site The One Income Dollar.