She's going to be a fashion Designer

After graduating from high school, my cousin, Michelle wanted to take up fashion designing.  It wasn't really surprising because she loved to design her own clothes even at such a young age.   It was alright with her parents and since they live in Connecticut, my aunt thought New York is so near she might even decide to go home everyday after school.  We also have another aunt in Flushing so she can stay there if she likes.  But she and my uncle was very surprised when Michelle announced that she wanted to study Antwerp Fashion.  Why in the world would she be interested in Antwerp fashion and study in Belgium?

To be honest, I was curious too and so I tried googling what is so interesting about their fashion.  I found out that fashion Antwerp is a combination of London, Amsterdam, Paris or Milan fashions.  No wonder she's so keen about it.  Michelle is one of my favorite cousins and I wanted to help her convince my aunt and uncle so I made more researches.  I'll help her prove to her parents that it is safe in Antwerp and there are dormitories for foreign students like her.  Michelle loves to eat and I'm sure she'll enjoy the food there just like how she loved the food in valencia.

I'll have to call her now and tell her about the things I found about Antwerp.  This will surely help a lot in convincing her parents to let her go to Belgium.