At The Repair Shop

My husband has been very busy lately helping out a friend reorganize his repair shop.  With all the kinds of nuts and bolts and spare parts that he has on stock and more supplies coming, hubs says he is going to need additional steel storage cabinets.  All his steel cabinets at the shop are already full of rivets, screws, nuts and bolts, spare parts, and other tools.

Hubs is suggesting since his friend is investing quite a sum or money in his repair shop, they install industrial storage cabinets.  These are durable and long-lasting and can endure any type of weather.  I think they'll be out again this weekend to look for affordable steel cabinets.

My husband loves to hang out there and help his friend tinker with cars and motorcycles.  He dreams of having his own repair shop when he retires.  He has already started collecting tools that he neatly stores in the steel cabinet in his garage.  But unlike his friend who focuses on repairs and major overhauls, hubs would like to specialize in modifying cars and is also interested in restoring classics.  He already did a few experiments and so far they all turned out well.  Some people are already showing interest in his works.