Business Concerns

A friend of mine is planning to open a new restaurant. The theme and concept is almost finished. The suggested menu is being tested. A chef and staff has been hired. The location is finished with only the decorations and the signage to be installed later. The hitch is the restaurant's logo. Design for this could take awhile and could even be expensive. My husband suggested that they use a temporary logo at first. There Ready Made Logos that are not only cheaper but are professionally done too. Quality is comparable with that of artists' designed works. My husband had used a number of these for some of his clients. Most found them so good that they retained them.

Starting a business is expensive. One can overlook the expenses. This is why he suggested that they cut costs wherever they can. A restaurant's success does not solely rely on its sign. It relies on the quality of food and service. What good would it do if you have a great looking place but awful food and service? He suggests that they concentrate their efforts on food quality and the training of their staff. From there, they can slowly upgrade the place. The priority is how to make the customers come back.