The Car Show

My boys love going to car shows.  Yesterday, we went to a car show featuring a lot of sports cars and the cars used from the movie Transformers.  When I heard Bumblebee was there, I went with the boys.  I'm not really into cars but I was excited because of the featured Transformer cars.

As soon as we entered the exhibit hall I saw so many different automotive flags bearing the names and logos of Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz.  Those were the only names I'm familiar with but there were a lot more custom flags; I heard from hubs that some are Korean and Japanese cars.  The whole exhibit hall looked very festive with the colorful pennant strings scattered around the area.

I was surprised to see a customized Facebook Porsche. It was so cool!  But it was on the Transformer collection that my eyes feasted. While I was busy taking photos of Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Dino; my boys were excitedly taking all the giveaways and souvenirs handed to them by the car manufacturers.

We were all too tired from going around and taking photos so I thought my boys would head to bed early when we arrived home.  But I was wrong, hubs and son stayed up late looking at their photos and sorting their souvenirs and giveaways.  Nothing can compete with men when it comes to cars.


I think Bumblebee has to my favourite out of all the Transformers, he's just so cute, if a robot can be cute ;)