Oh no, not again!  The carafe was broken when it slipped my hands.  I just emptied it for my last cup of coffee and I was about to place it in the sink to be washed later, but it slipped my hand.  I tried the thrift shop the other day for a replacement but the carafes there were too small for my coffee maker.  I don't know if I will ever find a new carafe.  :(  I should have listened to my husband and bought a stainless steel coffee maker instead of the one with glass carafe. This is already my 5th coffee maker in what, five or six years?  I also didn't tell him the I broke it.  For sure, he'll say "I told you so."  I'd like it replace or buy a new one before I tell him.  ;)

Now I have to check if I have a budget for a new stainless coffee maker.  Meanwhile, I already checked the prices of stainless steel coffee maker on the internet and found them cheaper than  if I will buy it in the appliance store.  Shipping won't take too long too because as soon as I have placed my order, the new coffee maker will be here the next day.