Could this be the solution to mom's pain?

My mom has been suffering from arthritis for years. She's been staying away from foods -- nuts, beans string beans and eggplants -- she loved to eat because she was afraid it might trigger the pain.  It was hard for her to move when her joint pain attacks.  She also gets frustrated that she is not able to do anything.  She feels so helpless that sometimes I'm afraid she might get depressed.

In my search to help her feel better from the pains of arthritis, I stumbled upon an article about  nitric oxide supplement being good for joint pain.  This is one of the vitamin supplements that's been formulated from natural extracts.  Apparently, the supplement will reduce swelling and inflammation. Selectively binds to the connective tissue of joints, preventing inflammation and lessening pain. It will also help bind the tissues in the joints to prevent them from getting inflamed so there won't be pain.

I'll have to ask mom's doc about this supplement.  Mom is also taking meds for her hypertension, I'd like to know if the supplement won't interfere with her other meds.  She is already suffering from so much pain, I wouldn't want to add more to that and make things more complicated.